, a reincarnation fantasy, opens with Anne's execution. Her fury at her husband's betrayal has enough momentum to survive centuries, but in Threads she learns that she has been assigned a hard task: she must review their history together through a number of past lives, and find it within herself to forgive him. This may prove difficult and take some time. The husband in question is Henry Tudor, the notorious Henry VIII. The narrator is the stubborn, volatile Anne Boleyn, who is not at all inclined to forgive. 

It is a very unusual love story.
William Faulkner Competition finalist for best novel

In 1536 a woman dies, and the story begins...
In 1973, "Crazy" Holly unexpectedly falls in love with Trevor, a roadie for a famous English rock band. From the moment they meet, dreams of marriage, children, and a normal life are suddenly - finally - within Holly's grasp.

Hang On
won the silver medal in the Living Now Book Awards under its original title, All Torc'd Up. It is also a Red Adept Select title, voted outstanding in its genre.

Caution: Some strong language.
Silver Medal Winner

Can Holly keep the crazy at bay for long enough to let her dreams come true?
Nell Gavin
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